Rants and Ravings of a Shiny Key

Despite the floral theme, it's as it says, just me being a bit miserable and occasionally going a bit soft and professing my love for something amazing!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a former stripper who is on the run from the law for murdering my husband with a wooden spoon. I try to use Tumblr to protest my innocence. Nah! I'm only joking! I've never been a stripper or been married in my life! As for the other thing...

Actually, I want to work in comedy and one day produce my own show. I am currently obsessed with Green Wing, Horrible Histories, Cardinal Burns, Father Ted, Miranda, and many more I can't list down. Also, I am the future stalker of Ben Willbond! I apologise in advance for my numerous plans to kidnap the man!*

If you like my blog, or enjoy the daily sexual frustrations I have, you can also follow me on Twitter, @ShinnyShinyKey I always love to talk to new people, so just drop me a tweet whenever you can!

*I have no intention on either kidnapping or stalking Mr Willbond, my obsession is not that drastic. So anyone reading, you may breathe a sigh of relief!

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Hey American tumblr girls who want a “cute British boy” we’ll sell you Nigel Farage for 50p get in quick while stocks last

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i am pretty much 3% human and 97% stress

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How to fix your earphone issues by Miranda.

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I said to Armando, “Why do you always get me to run about?” Get me to run toward the White House, to run to Capitol Hill, to run down this corridor. And he says, “Because you’ve just got a funny run.” Which is exactly what was going on there 25 years ago in Local Hero. Which is just a stupid run. It’s just me.

Peter Capaldi [x]


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Unlikely lines from a children’s book. 

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