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Despite the floral theme, it's as it says, just me being a bit miserable and occasionally going a bit soft and professing my love for something amazing!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a former stripper who is on the run from the law for murdering my husband with a wooden spoon. I try to use Tumblr to protest my innocence. Nah! I'm only joking! I've never been a stripper or been married in my life! As for the other thing...

Actually, I want to work in comedy and one day produce my own show. I am currently obsessed with Green Wing, Horrible Histories, Cardinal Burns, Father Ted, Miranda, and many more I can't list down. Also, I am the future stalker of Ben Willbond! I apologise in advance for my numerous plans to kidnap the man!*

If you like my blog, or enjoy the daily sexual frustrations I have, you can also follow me on Twitter, @ShinnyShinyKey I always love to talk to new people, so just drop me a tweet whenever you can!

*I have no intention on either kidnapping or stalking Mr Willbond, my obsession is not that drastic. So anyone reading, you may breathe a sigh of relief!

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One thing which pisses me off is when people keep associating Wonder Woman and Batman with the Marvel Comic franchise. They’re now! They’re characters from bloody DC Comics (which in my opinion are slightly inferior to the Marvel franchise). But on websites I visit these morons confuse DC superheroes with the Marvel tag. OK, fine, I understand that Spiderman and Batman did crossover once in the 1970s, but it’s still something you should get right. For God’s sake, there have been three Spiderman and two Batman movies in the last couple of years and each open with their respective companies’ logo AT THE START OF THE FILM. Were your eyes in your arse when they were screening this in front of your face? Please pay more attention people or I may be forced to wallop you.

Tagged: DC ComicsMarvel ComicsNerd bollockingThis is all my brother's faultHe's a big Marvel fanAnd I don't even read comicsI mean I'm far from a nerdYet my rant is a nerd rantWHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME???